The Ultimate List of 5 Prints to Wear This Summer

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The weather is getting hotter, and our wardrobe needs to adapt accordingly. While you might have a whole closet full of neutral clothing, it won’t hurt to freshen things up with some new colors and patterns. The best way to inject some personality into your summer outfits is by incorporating bolder hues and prints. With the season introducing us to more outdoors activities, we need clothes that are able to keep up with our active lifestyle while also keeping us cool in the heat. Read on for our ultimate list of 5 prints to wear this summer!

Print Basics

To start, we’ll learn the basics of what makes a print a print. When you’re choosing patterns and colors for your outfits, it’s important to understand the difference between prints, solids, and neutrals. Prints are fabrics that are printed with designs, usually in multiple colors. Solids are fabrics that are one color, usually have a specific texture, and don’t have any designs. And neutrals are fabrics that have little to no color.There are two main types of prints: Plaids and paisleys. Plaids are fabrics that have multiple colors and are either striped or checkered. Paisleys are fabrics that have one dominant color and one secondary color along with ornamental designs.

Prints for the Outdoors

When you’re outside, you’re going to want to make sure you’re protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Prints like white, black, and navy blue can help reflect UV light and keep you shielded from harmful rays. For example, white and light-colored clothing has been shown to reduce UVB by 97% and UVA by 90%.This is ideal for the outdoors, whether you’re at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or just enjoying the weather on your patio.Darker colors, on the other hand, are best when you’re indoors. Fabrics like black, navy blue, dark reds, dark greens, and dark browns can help block out UV light when you’re under the covers of your roof.

Prints for a Party

Not just worn for the outdoors, dark colors are also the best when you want to turn up the heat. When you’re going to a party, it’s best to keep the clothes on and stay covered. Darker fabrics like black, dark blue, dark red, and dark green are best for keeping the chill off during a party.One exception to this is metallic fabrics. Metallic clothes have been shown to reflect heat and can help keep you from feeling too cold at a party. Metallic fabrics include shiny fabrics like silk, shiny polyester, and shiny cotton. Metallic fabrics are also best for being outdoors.

Prints for Travel

Traveling is one of the most common ways to spend your summer, so when you’re packing for your trip, keep in mind what fabrics are best for your destination. Fabrics that are lightweight and have a little stretch, like cotton, are best for hot weather.You don’t want to wear too many heavy or thick fabrics, as temperatures can vary depending on where you’re traveling to. Fabrics like denim and leather are best for cold weather. Other fabrics, like wool, are best for temperate weather.

Prints to Stay Cool

When you want to stay cool on a hot day, darker fabrics like denim, wool, and denim are best. Darker fabrics can help you stay cool by blocking out the sun’s UV rays and keeping you cool by not absorbing as much heat.If you want to stay warm and cozy, wear lighter fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester. Lightweight fabrics will help to trap in your body’s heat and keep you insulated from the cold.


When you’re choosing your outfits for the summer, remember that darker colors and fabrics can help stay warm when it’s cold and light fabrics can keep you cool when it’s hot. It’s important to keep in mind what fabrics do and how they can affect your outfit and your overall look.To find the best fabrics for your outfits, take a look at what’s trending in the fashion world and stay informed on the latest styles and fabrics. You can find out what fabrics are trending by reading online articles or following fashion bloggers and websites on social media.

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